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论 坛 秘 书 长: 王广宇

China New Supply-side Economist 50 Forum

China New Supply-side Economist 50 Forum (hereafter referred to as "Forum") is an internal economic and academic research platform established and managed by China Academy of New Supply-side Economics, composed of members with strong academic foundation and great social influence in China economic circles and business community.

The forum has global view and senses of time responsibility, adheres to diligent and endeavored "plum spirit" as well as open and tolerant "peony spirit", sticks to the basic philosophy of "truth-seeking and pragmatism, integration of the ancient and the present, openness and tolerance, and combination of Chinese and western cultures", and takes strategic, legal, international and practical view. By means of establishing a cross-discipline cooperative new type think tank platform, the forum is committed to theoretically explaining China’s opening up and reform and actively putting forward suggestions, building a solid foundation for Chinese economics theories, especially the innovation of new supply-side economics theories, continuously promoting China’s successful reform and development practice based on the continuous developing and innovative economic theories, and making great efforts for China and the world’s economic prosperity and social progress.

The members of the first session of the forum are influential economists, entrepreneurs and relevant industry experts both at home and abroad. To highlight the breadth and cross-discipline characteristics of the forum, the forum sets specially invited researchers and media partners, focusing on their influence in corresponding industry. To cultivate the young talent, the forum sets specially invited members, and focuses on the cultivation of young prospecting scholars with age less than 40 years old (not including 40 years old). The forum has high-quality, loyal, diligent and dedicated staff.

Secretariat of New Supply-side Economist 50 Forum

Secretary-General: Guangyu Wang (Concurrent)



论 坛 秘 书 长:董克用
China Ageing Finance Forum (CAFF50) was established on December 9, 2015, launched by Professor Keyong Dong, China Academy of New Supply-side Economics and other organizations. Members of CAFF50 are top experts on ageing finance from political, academic and industry fields, with great reputation and social influences. Committed to becoming a high-quality and independent think tank, CAFF50 acts to provide research support for policymakers; to build a communication platform for industry professionals; and to be a financial literacy center for the public. The mission of CAFF50 is promoting the development of ageing finance industry; perfecting the long-term capital market; impelling the construction of inclusive pension finance; and improving people's livelihood and well-being in China.
Secretariat China Ageing Finance Forum (CAFF50)
Secretary General : Keyong Dong (Concurrent)